Bahrain welcomes ICJ decision ordering Israel to cease military operations in Rafah

The Kingdom of Bahrain welcomed the decision of the International Court of Justice, the highest judicial body of the United Nations, which states that Israel must immediately stop its military operations or any other actions in the Rafah Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, and keep the Rafah crossing open to enable the entry of humanitarian aid, amid warnings of a worsening catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Strip.

Bahrain renewed its call to the international community, especially members of the United Nations Security Council, to assume its responsibilities in enforcing international resolutions and the rules of international humanitarian law regarding an immediate, permanent and comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, protecting innocent civilians, and increasing the flow of humanitarian aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip in a safe, complete and sustainable manner.

Bahrain also called for creating a safe and peaceful environment and reemphasising the Palestinian people’s right to establish their independent state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with the two-state solution.








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