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Ibrahim Yousef Al Awady Factory for solid surfaces are located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The factory was established based on the market’s demand for the product and its multiple usages in buildings, health facilities and many others, starting a decade ago.

  • We could accomplish very advanced stages of manufacturing solid surface as we use the most advanced, sophisticated machines and the best technical methods and crafts in marbles manufacturing.
  • The factory’s management was keen from the very beginning to improve the production mass on yearly basis in a way that satisfies the Saudi local market needs, in all its regions in order to provide our customers, whether individuals or facilities, with the best quality service during and after implementation along with maintenance service.
  • The factory management is also looking forward to being up to date and customer-oriented through the after-sale evaluation that provides us with customer’s feedback which helps us to improve our services and cope with the market and customer’s needs.


Solid Surface is created like
the way you imagine.


virtually seamless…

organic shapes…

bold effects of color…



Solid Surface Makes Creative Vision Real

Engrave it

Color it

Thermoform it

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