Bahrain Agricultural Foods Storage and Security (Bafco)

Bahrain Agricultural Foods Storage and Security (Bafco) is a Bahrain based shareholding company founded in 2015 with a wide vision of shareholders. The group is specialised in processing, import and export of agricultural products and foodstuffs. Our shareholders extensive experience in sales and logistics, highlighting highest quality of our products offering world class service to international markets.

The dynamic management team of Bahrain Agricultural Foods Storage and Security (Bafco) has accumulated decades of local and regional knowledge, which they integrate into every level of their dedicated workforce ensuring that both strategically and operationally they deliver unique solutions to client’s diverse needs. The highly skilled teams work seamlessly to achieve optimum results with tireless integrity.

Striving diligently into the future, the company will continue to work with passion, integrity and trust, collaborating closely with clients to achieve successful and inspiring projects.

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