Bahrain Dalla For Food Factory Co.

Bahrain Dalla for Food Factory was established in the year 1974,and has grown to be one of the leaders in packed food industry since. Our commitment for world class quality and perfection has been the driving factors of our success.

Our trademark logo of Bahrain Modern Mills and Roasters and the traditional Arabic Coffee pot, also known as the Dalla is a well- known symbol in the markets, which stands testament to our popularity.

In 2015, we opened a new factory in Sheikh Salman Industrial Area in Hidd to accommodate the growing requirements of the markets. This new factory is equipped with state of the art equipment for cleaning, grading, roasting, grinding and packing.

In order to deliver truly world class products to our customers, we source all our products from all around the globe. Our wide range of products includes spices, coffee, lentils, nuts and tea etc. We clean, grind, roast and pack these products to make it suitable for commercial and home use in the country. All our operations are overseen by industry experts, this ensures consistency and enables us to maintain a degree of unvarying quality.

Of all our products, we are extremely proud of our coffee that we Specialize in freshly roasted coffee Arabic, Turkish and European coffee. We invest heavily in procuring the best coffee beans, from countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Uganda and Columbia. We also source the best quality dry roast nuts such as cashews, almonds and pistachio from countries such as India, Vietnam, Brazil, Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia.

All our products are supplied to a leading chain of hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in Bahrain and our neighboring countries as well.

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