Marvel International WLL

Marvel International WLL has been found by a group of professionals with over 25 years of experience, in manufacturing cleaning chemicals and detergents. Marvel international WLL has its own manufacturing and blending unit, with the capability of manufacturing cleaning chemical concentrates, Adhesives, and other domestic and Industrial cleaning products.

Marvel International WLL offers OEM service to all Traders, Retailers, and Manufacturers to have cleaning products under their own brand name without the hassle of manufacturing. We offer a good range of domestic cleaning products like home disinfectants, hand soap, glass cleaner, all purpose detergents etc. clients can provide their own packing and get all quality products under their own brand name, we can also provide specialize products for the depending on the availability and quality, as well as any special requirement needed by the client.

Marvel International WLL are the manufacturers of the best known tile and surface cleaner “DEXIN”. Which have been in the GCC markets from over 25 years. “DEXIN” is a very effective cleaning product use to remove CEMENT, GYPSUM, RUST, AND DIRT from TILES, CERAMICS, CONCRETE, STONE, IRON AND STEEL ETC. We are also proud to state “DEXIN” is the only product of its kind which has successfully and prosperously completed 25 YEARS in the GCC markets.

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