Finance and National Economy Ministry Undersecretary chairs Preparatory Works Of Arab League’s Economic & Social Council at summit level – Regular Session (33)

Yusuf Abdulla Alhumood, the Undersecretary for Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, chaired the Senior Officials Meeting of the Economic and Social Council in preparation for the 33rd  Arab Summit to be held in Bahrain on May 16.

Al Humood welcomed the officials and all participants to the meeting, wishing them a pleasant stay in Bahrain. He also expressed thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the efforts during the kingdom’s presidency of the Council of the Arab League at the summit level in the previous session. He extended thanks to all the staff of the General Secretariat for their efforts in preparing for the current meeting.

The meeting reviewed important topics at the economic and social levels, as well as ways to strengthen and develop joint Arab cooperation in various domains.







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