HM King, Egyptian President hold press conference

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El Sisi of Egypt, have affirmed their keenness to further strengthen the distinguished Bahraini-Egyptian relations and cooperation.

Speaking during a press conference held following their talks in Cairo today, the two leaders also called for the need to intensify efforts to de-escalate the situation in the region and adopt tangible political, diplomatic solutions to meet the aspirations of the region’s peoples for more security, stability and prosperity.

Addressing the press conference, President El Sisi welcomed HM the King’s visit to Egypt, within the framework of the distinguished relations between the two countries and their peoples.

He said that his meeting with HM the King was held amid the ongoing critical and dangerous situation resulting from the “bloody” Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which led to the killing of thousands of innocent, defenseless civilians who want to continue living in their homeland in dignity and safety, highlighting the continuous use of excessive military force and collective punishment of the local Gazan population to force them into displacement, amid the absence of an international will to achieve justice, and enforce international humanitarian law.

President El Sisi added that talks had focused on the ongoing efforts of Bahrain, Egypt and the joint Arab efforts to put an end to the current situation by mobilising international endeavours to establish ceasefire immediately in Gaza, stop forced displacement, starvation, and collective punishment attempts of the Palestinians, as well as ensure unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid.

The talks also stressed the cruciality of launching a serious political process that would lead to a just and sustainable solution to the Palestinian cause on the basis of the two-state solution, establishing an internationally-recognised, UN full member Palestinian State on the June 4, 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, President El Sisi said.

The Egyptian President indicated that his country had warned of the political, security and humanitarian repercussions of the war on Occupied Palestine and the Middle East region. He noted that the conflict has already created a tense and volatile regional situation, which puts the security and stability of the region’s peoples at risk.

“We had agreed on the need to preserve the security and stability of the region and its peoples, and not to leave their destiny in the hands of warmongers, within the framework of the priority of joint Arab security, which we consider indivisible and integral,” he added.

“We had also agreed on the need to immediately intensify and encourage de-escalation efforts, whether in the Palestinian territories or at the regional level, and push the parties to adopt rationality and diplomatic solutions, abandon military solutions and perceptions of dominance, influence and hegemony, as well as allow sincere efforts aimed at peace to succeed and open an alternative path for the peoples and countries of the region to ensure a better future in which the peoples and countries of the region unite their efforts for prosperity and development,” President El Sis also said.

President El Sisi affirmed that he is looking forward to bolstering cooperation between the two countries and their peoples, wishing Bahrain further progress and prosperity.

Then, HM King Hamad addressed the press conference, expressing pleasure at visiting Egypt, and praising the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to him.

HM the King stressed that Egypt, which is known for its pan-Arab stances, is the cradle of security, safety, good and stability, adding that it was the only country mentioned by name in the Holy Quran and will remain a source of support for all.

His Majesty expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of his talks with President El Sisi, noting that they discussed several issues of high priority, including the importance of enhancing joint Arab action, implementing Gaza ceasefire resolutions, delivering humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, and launching a political process that would lead to lasting peace in the region based on the two-state solution and accepting Palestine’s UN full membership, which will ensure that the Palestinians enjoy all their legitimate rights.

“The agenda of the 33rd Arab Summit, which will be hosted by the Kingdom of Bahrain next May, and the necessity of reaching, as a matter of urgency, a clear policy to stop the escalation in the Middle East region and ensure regional peace, security and stability, were also discussed,” HM the King told the press conference.

HM the King expressed his full confidence that the outcomes of his fruitful talks with President El Sisi will pave the way for future generations to enjoy their rights to decent life and security.

His Majesty reiterated the kingdom’s support for Egypt’s firm stances and ongoing historical role in spreading peace and backing regional and global security, reminiscent of its deep-rooted role in this regard, as demonstrated in the annals of history when Egypt’s Ramesses II concluded a peace treaty with the Hittite empire in 1258 BC.

HM the King affirmed that his talks with the Egyptian President will contribute to enhancing joint Arab action and strengthening the Bahraini-Egyptian relations.








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