HM King receives Northern Governorate’s well-wishers; expresses pride in Bahraini citizens’ patriotism

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received well-wishers from the Northern Governorate, at the Al-Sakhir Palace today, as part of HM’s annual meetings with Bahraini citizens during the holy month of Ramadan.

The attendees extended utmost congratulations to HM the King on the holy month of Ramadan, wishing him abundant health, happiness and long life. They also wished the kingdom and its people further progress and prosperity, under HM the King’s leadership.

HM the King welcomed the well-wishers from the Northern Governorate, and exchanged greetings and good wishes with them on the auspicious occasion, wishing Bahrain and its people many happy returns.

HM King Hamad also congratulated the citizens on the near advent of the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr.

His Majesty asserted that the kingdom’s landmark achievements and successes require unrelenting commitment to continue making sacrifices for the sake of the cherished nation, by preserving its identity, religions and rich history.

HM the King expressed pride in the dedicated efforts exerted by the Northern Governorate’s citizens to serve the kingdom’s development process, lauding their loyal stances and positive participation in preserving the nation’s gains and building on its hard-won civilisational accomplishments.

His Majesty praised the outcomes of his recent meetings with the citizens, which stem from the authentic Arab traditions and Bahrain’s deep-rooted heritage that brings Bahraini citizens together, as a united, cohesive family.

Addressing the attendees, His Majesty said: “Our national unity is the bulwark that protects the entity of our homeland and preserves our gains. Our unity will remain the all-inclusive umbrella under which we all seek shade, and under whose banner we achieve all goals and ambitions.”

HM the King commended the multiple successes achieved by Bahrainis, men and women, across various fields thanks to their determination and strong will.

“Indeed, they have proved, throughout the kingdom’s history, and on all occasions, their unwavering keenness to serve their country with all sincerity and dedication,” HM said.

HM the King affirmed the kingdom’s steadfast resolve to continue the development process across all its governorates, taking advantage of its rich civilisational heritage and the aspirations of its people for a brighter future, stressing that Bahrain will achieve the goals of its comprehensive development process by the solidarity of its citizens.

His Majesty wished everyone success in serving their nation and society, as well as in contributing to the kingdom’s progress march.

The Northern Governorate’s citizens extended deepest congratulations to HM the King on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of HM’s Accession to the Throne. They expressed pride in the wide-ranging achievements attained by the kingdom during HM’s prosperous era.

They also extended their utmost thanks and gratitude to His Majesty for his keenness to reach out to the citizens and be reassured about their conditions, praising the royal interest in their issues, and keenness to ensure them the requirements of decent life.

The attendees praised the royal directives to implement many service, development and housing projects across the Northern Governorate, praying to Allah the Almighty to bless Bahrain with ever-lasting security, stability and prosperity.

Then, Alaa Abdulraziq delivered a speech on behalf of the Northern Governorate’s citizens. She extended sincere congratulations to HM the King on the holy month of Ramadan, wishing His Majesty, the kingdom, as well as the Arab and Islamic nations people many happy returns on the blessed occasion.

She asserted that HM the King’s annual meeting with the Northern Governorate’s citizens during the holy month of Ramadan reflects the royal keenness to reach out to the citizens, embodying the authentic values of harmony, cohesion and unity that have always charaterised the leadership-people relations across the kingdom’s history.

She also extended profound congratulations to HM the King on the Silver Jubilee of HM’s Accession to the Throne, highlighting the wide-ranging accomplishments attained by the kingdom over the past 25 years, under His Majesty’s leadership.

She expressed pride in HM the King’s sound directives to the government, led by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to provide all services to the Northern Governorate’s citizens, praising the vital and national projects currently implemented across the governorate.

She affirmed that the Northern Governorate, inspired by His Majesty’s approach based on peace, coexistence, humanity, compassion and rapprochement among religions, has launched campaigns to support the needy during the holy month of Ramadan and promote the kingdom’s deep-rooted values of solidarity and communication.

She affirmed that the Northern Governorate will continue launching programmes and activities that benefit various social groups on various national and religious occasions, based on the directives of Interior Minister, General Shaikh Rashid bub Abdulla Al Khalifa.

Concluding her statement, Alaa Abdulraziq expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to His Majesty on the “historic” meeting, renewing the Northern Governorate citizens’ allegiance to HM the King.

After that, HM King Hamad was presented with a commemorative gift by Ali Al-Shaikh Abdulhussain Al Asfoor, the Northern Governor, on behalf of the Northern Governorate citizens.

The governor expressed the pride of the Northern Governorate’s citizens in being received by HM the King during these blessed days.

He extended deepest congratulations to His Majesty on the Silver Jubilee of HM’s Accession to the Throne. He also renewed allegiance to HM the King, pledging the local citizens’ unwavering resolve to continue serving the kingdom, under HM’s leadership.







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