NRRC: Ukrainian nuclear plant explosion not affected in anyway Saudi radiation levels

 The Saudi Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) announced that the commission’s Nuclear Emergency Operations Center did not receive any international reports of any radioactive releases following the explosions that occurred in the vicinity of the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant last year. The plant is currently supervised by Russia.

The commission said in a statement on Saturday that the National Network for Continuous Environmental Radiological Monitoring and Early Warning has not detected any change in radiation rates in Saudi Arabia. “The repercussions of any radiation releases that may result from a nuclear emergency, including this station, will be predicted over the coming days in accordance with the advanced simulation systems that depend on accurate meteorological forecasts,” the statement added.

The NRRC aims to regulate activities, practices and facilities involving peaceful use of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation in order to control and ensure the safety and security of such use and compliance with nuclear safeguards and to protect humans and the environment against any actual or potential exposure.






Saudi Gazette 

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