Galva Coat Industries is a leading Street Lighting Poles Manufacturer in the UAE. Our sleekly designed poles (Street Lighting Poles, Solar Poles, Flag Poles, Traffic Poles, Monopoles, Hinged Poles, High Mast Poles with Raising & Lowering system, Stadium Mast and Power Transmission poles) are manufactured using up-to-date CNC & PLC machinery, with minimum manual handling. We utilize the highest quality raw materials from first class steel mills in many different countries around the world, in order to ensure adequacy of the raw materials, and have the unique advantage of the following facilities:

  • The world’s largest folding machines (15 meter folding length of up to 50mm steel plates, variable settings, die setting & bending).
  • Laser cutting machine (flat bars, tubes, etc.)
  • CNC Punch machine (perforation, decoration, cable management system)
  • One of the largest galvanizing plants equipped with the biggest galvanizing kettle in the region.


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